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Illustrations from

Histoire d'Outremer

par Guillaume de Tyr (pour le texte original latin) et continuateurs ou autres chroniqueurs, dont Ernoul et Bernard le Trésorier
[by William of Tyre (for the original Latin text) - and successors and other chroniclers, including Ernoul and Bernard the Treasurer]

Called the Lyon Eracles

Lyon - Bibliothèque de la Ville - Ms P.A. 29, 1280AD

f7v Prise d'Antioche (juin 1198)
Capture of Antioch (June 1198)

f312v Saint Louis malade décidant d'entreprendre la croisade (1244)
The sick Saint Louis deciding to undertake the Crusade (1244)

f299v Musulmans attaquant un monastère (vers 1230)
Muslims attacking a monastery (1230)
Source (search for P.A. 29)

Reference: The Lyon Eracles at Fordham University

51A-B History of Outremer, Paris, 1295-6
(Bib. de la Ville, Palais des Arts, Ms. 29, f.7v, Lyon, France)

An illustration of a battle outside Antioch shows Crusaders in the round-topped great helms that had become standard by the late 13th century (A). The Muslims wield falchions (B) but the placing of this unlikely weapon in the hands of 'infidels' was probably an artist's way of interpreting the curved swords that he knew the Turks commonly used.
Source: p.38, Arms and Armour of the Crusading Era, 1050-1350, Western Europe and the Crusader States by David Nicolle.

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