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Illustrations from

Histoire d'Outremer

par Guillaume de Tyr
traduction française avec continuation jusqu'en 1275

[By William of Tyre - French translation with continuation until 1275]

Made at Saint-Jean-d'Acre, Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, c.1287

Boulogne-sur-mer - Bibliothèque Municipale - Ms 142

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f016 Godfrey of Bouillon and Adhemar bishop of Puy ride with their men to the Holy Land
f032 Turks and Armenians meeting at the foot of a mountain and signing a peace treaty
f040v Godfrey of Bouillon and the Crusaders attacking Antioch
f049v Taking of Antioch
f060v Delivery of a message ... the Emperor Alexis by two Crusaders
f089v Coronation of King Baldwin I of Jerusalem
f153v John II Comnenus besieging Caesarea Antioch (Shaizar) (1138) / Raymond of Poitiers Count of Antioch and Josselin II Count of Edessa playing chess
f199 Torture of Amaury de Limoges Patriarch of Antioch by Renaud de Châtillon Prince of Antioch

Source (search for 142)

Referenced on p.283, Arms and Armour of the Crusading Era, 1050-1350, Western Europe and the Crusader States by David Nicolle:
744A-C History of Outremer, Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1287
(Bib. Munic., Ms. 142, Boulogne, France)

A - Defenders of Shayzar, f.153v; B - Standard-bearer of Godefroy de Bouillon, f. 16r; C - Crusaders slaughter Muslims of Antioch, f.49v. The sabres given to the Muslim defenders of Shayzar (A) are among the most accurate Christian portrayals of such weapons. The thickening of the blades towards the tips is exaggerated but the lack of pommels and one curved hilt show a genuine knowledge of Islamic sabres. Godefroy's standard-bearer during the First Crusade (B) seems to wear a war-hat, while two of the Crusaders in Antioch (C) clearly carry oval shields.

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