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Illustration from the:

Biblia de San Isidoro de Leon,
Biblioteca, Colegiata S. Isidoro, Leon, 960
Goliath Challenges the Israelites

Source: Miniaturas Militares by Alfons Cánovas
El Archivo Capitular de la Colegiata de San Isidoro cuenta entre sus tesoros con una Biblia visigótico-mozárabe realizada por Florencio y Sancho en el año 960. Cuenta con 517 folios y ricas ilustraciones.
The Chapter Archive of San Isidoro Collegiate counts among its treasures a Visigothic-Mozarabic Bible by Florentius and Sanctius in 960. It has 517 pages and rich illustrations.

Referenced as figure 506 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
506. Manuscript,"Goliath," Bible of San Isidore de Leon, 960 AD, Mozarab, Real Colegiata Basilica de San Isidoro, Leon (Hof A).

Referenced on p13, The Moors - The Islamic West - 7th-15th Centuries AD by David Nicolle
Goliath, in a Mozarab illustrated Bible made in AD 960. This remarkable picture shows the Philistine giant in a stylised but nevertheless understandable form. His helmet is of tall framed type, his spear has a winged or flanged blade, his shield is round and his sword is straight. One shoulder and the lower part of his clothing might indicate a mail hauberk with slits at the sides of the hem, but his spear arm appears to be covered in a cloak which also falls behind his legs. This might in fact be an early representation of the typical North African haik. Biblioteca, Ms.2, f. l18v, Colegiata S. Isidoro, Leon, Spain)

Compare Goliath Challenges the Israelites in Biblia Segunde de San Isidoro de León Biblioteca, Colegiata S. Isidoro, Leon, 1162AD

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