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Blanford Military Uniforms of the World in Colour
by Politikens Forlag, 1967. Translated into English by John Hewish, 1968.
Seven Years War 1756-1763

113. German Empire: Frankish District. Ferentheil Infantry. Grenadier, 1760
The infantry in the national army at this time was uniformed either in white, after the Austrian example, or in dark blue. Grenadier caps with peaks, and fur caps were both worn. Most grenadier caps had plates of metal throughout, but the earlier type with metal ornaments or open work on the plate were still used.

114. Saxe-Gotha: Garde du Corps. Trooper, 1760
This minute guards unit, with its 75 men, horseless despite their imposing cavalry attire, was typical of the German lilliput state at the period. Their sole duty was to parade in their decorative uniforms at the prince's residence. The model was evidently the uniform of the Prussian cuirassiers.

115. Schaumberg-Lippe: Carabinier Squadron. Trooper, 1756
The corps maintained by Graf Wilhelm of Schaumberg-Lippe-Brückenburg from 1753 was in direct contrast to the fore-going. Though it likewise totalled 75 men, they were mounted and on black Spanish stallions, and all were trained and daring riders. The uniforms seem anachronistic. Under the black armour was worn a long coat of black leather, with a bearskin band on the helmet. The leather pieces on the sleeves proved themselves impractical in the long run and were discontinued in 1759. The officers wore a coat with a plain red lining, and polished armour with gilded edges. Despite its armour, the corps was a light cavalry unit.

116. German Empire, Upper Rhine District: Artillery Fireworker, 1760
In peacetime, the district artillery was normally allocated to the national fortresses, which were maintained by the artillery branch. At this time the uniforms were dark blue throughout, with red or black. The dark green uniform worn by the Upper Rhine District artillery was something of a curiosity.

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