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Norwegian Knights in
'The Story of St Mary of Antioch'
Ål Church, Norway, mid 13th century

An image showing more of 'The Story of St Mary of Antioch', Ål Church, mid 13th century.


Referenced on p.44 MAA - 396 - Medieval Scandinavian Armies (1): 1100-1300 by David Lindholm and Angus McBride
Detail from a mid-l3th century painted wooden panel showing 'The Story of St Mary of Antioch', in the timber stave church at Ål in Norway. Note the brimmed chapel-de-fer helmets worn over coifs, and the 'kite' shields with straight upper edges.

Referenced on p348, Arms and Armour of the Crusading Era, 1050-1350, Western Europe and the Crusader States by David Nicolle.
966A-C ‘The Story of St Mary of Antioch’, painted wooden ceiling, Hallingdal, mid-13th century
(in situ wooden church, Torpa, Norway)

A-B - Guards of the Governor Olibrius; C - Sword of Olibrius. The two followers of Olibrius (A-B) probably reflect the typical armament of knights or sergeants in mid-l3th century Norway. It is relatively light, consisting of broad-brimmed but apparently one piece chapel-de-fer war-hats, mail coifs, hauberks and chausses. The shields are very large and long, probably because semi-rigid body armour had yet to become common in this region. The swords are long and straight (A-C), with long, slightly-curved quillons.

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