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Effigy of Robert de Roos (d.1227), in Temple Church, London, England, late 13th/early 14th centuries

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Source: The Medieval Combat Society
Referenced on p.71, Arms and Armour of the Crusading Era, 1050-1350, Western Europe and the Crusader States by David Nicolle
171A-C Effigy of Robert de Ros, London, late 13th/early 14th centuries
(in situ Temple Church, London, England also a cast in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London)

An early 14th-century date is more likely for this effigy, which includes a number of new features. The framed knee-protections or poleyns (B) have been seen before, but the method of hanging the scabbard is new. Here the top of the scabbard is enclosed by a decorative metal collar (A) to which the belt is fastened by rings. The belt itself is stiffened with metallic medallions rather than the vertical bars seen earlier. The effigy also includes a particularly detailed representation of a spur and its fastening straps (C).

A Man-at-arms c.1250 in Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath

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