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Shrine of Charlemagne
Aachen Cathedral, Germany c.1215

Left long side

The corresponding Bildindex images for the roof panels on this side:

Karl beweint den Tod von der Kapelle eingeschlossenen Kriegern
Charles, enclosed in a chapel, mournes the death of the warriors

Sündenvergebung durch den von einem Engel überbrachten Brief Gottes
Remission of sins through God's letter brought by an angel

Der fliegende Handschuh
The Flying Glove

Karl bringt der Muttergottes die ihr geweihte Münsterkirche dar.
Charles brings the Münster church, dedicated to her, to the Mother of God

Most of the armour images are on the right long side roof:

Apostel Jakobus befiehlt dem schlafenden Karl, sein Grab in Galizia zu befreien
Apostle James tells the sleeping Charles to liberate his grave in Galicia

Auf das Gebet des Kaisers hin fallen die Mauern Pamplonas
The Emperor prays towards the falling walls of Pamplona

Die Ritter, die in der Schlacht fallar sollern, werden durch ein rotes Kreuz auf der Schulter bezeichnet
The knights who will fall in battle are denoted by a red cross on their shoulders

A      B      C
Die Lanzen der Todgeweihten sind erblüht. Karl zieht zur Schlacht aus.
The lances of the doomed have blooms. Charles goes to battle
A coloured detail of Charles goes to battle

Referenced on p.182, Arms and Armour of the Crusading Era, 1050-1350, Western Europe and the Crusader States by David Nicolle
467A-C Shrine of Charlemagne, silver reliquary, Lower Lotharingia, c.1200-7
(in situ Cathedral, Aachen, Germany)

A number of very interesting early forms of great helm are shown on the embossed silver Shrine of Charlemagne. They are basically flat-topped helmets with face-masks, but in two cases (A and B) they clearly have additional plates added at the back. This might represent the transitional stage between the helmet with a face-mask and the true great helm.

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