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f.139r, First Crusade, Apocalypse by Alexander of Bremen, Cologne or Lower Saxony, Germany, 1249-1250AD.
Cambridge University Library, MS Mm.5.31.

Expositio in Apocalypsim (MS Mm.5.31)
The final redaction (1249-50) of the commentary on Apocalypse by Franciscan Alexander of Bremen (d. 1271) with additions probably by Albert of Stade (Schiller, I, 220). Alexander composed this commentary in the light of eschatological beliefs associated with Joachim of Fiore, resulting in imagery where Roman emperors ride Apocalyptic horses, heresiarchs blow trumpets, two-headed angels stand for popes or kings, and the Beast personifies various historical figures.

Physical Location: Cambridge University Library
Classmark: MS Mm.5.31
Uniform Title: Apocalypse
Subject(s): Bible. N.T. Revelation
Author(s): Alexander, Minorita, d. 1271
Origin Place: Germany, Cologne or Lower Saxony
Date of Creation: 1249-1250 C.E.
Language(s): Latin

Baldwin of Flanders and Godfrey of Bouillon, army of Hospitalers, Templars, and Teutonic Knights (139r)

Source: Cambridge University Library

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