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Trinity College, Cambridge, MS R.16.2
The Trinity Apocalypse

The Book of Revelation

f.10a. Illustration 30. John and another man. A troop of mailed horsemen, with hideous grinning faces and hooked noses, ride to R. mounted on locusts, which breathe fire on to men on R.

f.23a. Illustration 61. John. Angel in the sun (a gold disc): label: Venez e asembles uus - e chars des seauns en eus (xix. 17,18). Below, a crowd of birds flying, among them a magpie, owl, stork. The second beast at the head of his army facing L. Three kings and other horsemen, all mailed: one of the horses has a vermilion housing. On three pennons are blue birds, on a fourth a blue lion.

f.24a. Illustration 65. The final war. On L. seven mailed men attack a walled city with battlements; they have a cross-bow, pick and beam used as a battering-ram against the gate. Within the city are seven heads of people: some are praying. Three more on turrets blow horns. On R. fire falls on the attacking party (ten in number). On R. of this an angel in air thrusts down the dragon with spear into hell-mouth.

The Life of Saint John

f.28a. Illustration 70. The death of Domitian. In C. he lies on the ground, crowned, covered with wounds. On L. two knights, one drawing his sword, the other about to strike and holding Domitian by the elbow. On R. two not in armour attack him with axes: a third in mail, with gold helmet, pierces him with a spear. (I)ci coment les romeins oscient le empereur e ren ne uolerent auer estable de kaunt ke il establi.

f.30b. Illustration 85. John and the Bishop facing, with labels. John says: Rendez a mai celu ke io uus comaundai ? e par le tesmoine de ceste seinte eglise ke uus gouernez ? Io te demaund le iuuencel ke io comaunda. The Bishop, dejected, says: Mors est. Verroiment est il mort a deu ? kar il se departi plain des totes mauueistes ? e al derein deuint mauueis larun e ore si est un munt od graunt cumpainie de larruns si ad le munt purpris pur la gent gattes e oscire e rober. In C. two trees, with birds on them projecting outside the frame. Two men with bows shoot at the birds. The youth sits on a mound on R. facing L. with a bow. A man with wreath on R. strings a bow. (I)ci cum seint iohan demaunde le iuuencel ? e cum il est al bois od laruns.
86. John on a dapple-grey horse riding to R., with label: Pur quai fues tu beau fiz tun pere ? pur quai fues tu un ueillard sanz armes. merci eez de tai e ne eez nent de pour ? kar unkeore poez auer esperaunce de uie. A man with wreath, and arrows at his belt, catches the horse's rein. Another facing L. draws his bow. The youth looks to L. and runs to R. among trees. (I)ci cum le iuuencel senfut ? e cum seint iohan point apres si le apele doucement.

Shelfmark: R.16.2
Manuscript Title: The Trinity Apocalypse
Date: Cent. xiii, cir. 1250
Physical Description: Double columns of 56 lines. Of magnificent execution: Anglo-Norman.
Binding: The binding (xvi-xvii) is of white skin with gold tooling. The royal arms and crown in the centre.
Size: 43.5cm x 32cm
Support: Vellum.
Language: Anglo Norman
Source: Trinity College, Cambridge, MS R.16.2
Now at Trinity College, Cambridge

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