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Gettysburg and Antietam on Vista

by fourteendays



Hi all,

So I just got a new computer with Vista, and decided to play around with my copy of Sid Meier's Civil War Collection. Not surprisingly, it took some tweaking to get everything to work, so I figured I'd share my experience in case anyone else out there can benefit...


I installed Gettysburg and the XP/2000 Patch (still available from the Firaxis site here) and everything worked fine, except for the movies.

Getting the movies to work was a little trickier. Apparently, the Indeo 4.1 codec (IV41), which Gettysburg uses for its video, is included in Vista, but it is not installed by default. So it requires a little bit of tinkering to get Windows to recognize it. I'm not an expert, so there's probably a better way to do this, but here's what I came up with.

1) Open a command prompt as Administrator (right-click on "command prompt" in your Start Menu and choose "Run as Administrator"). You should start in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32; if not, type "cd c:\windows\system32". Now, register the Indeo 4.1 codec by typing the following command:

This installs the codec, so you can play the videos in Windows Media Player (or the video player of your choice). Unfortunately, if I understand correctly, this only registers it for DirectShow, not Video for Windows, which is what Gettysburg uses, so the videos won't work inside the game...yet. You'll have to do that separately. There might be a way to do this automatically, but I did it by hand as follows:

2) Open regedit (do Start >> Run, and type "regedit"). Find the following folder:
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32

Right-click, and choose "New String Value". Enter "vidc.iv41" for the name, and then "" for the value.

Now the videos should play perfectly in the game!


Most of the things in Don's guide here are still true. Basically, here's the summary:

1) To get sound working, all you have to do is DELETE the files cfgmgr32.dll and setupapi.dll from the SMA directory. You don't need to install the demo or anything. At least, I didn't.

2) To get the opening videos working, you will need a copy of the version iccvid.dll. There are instructions in the guide on how to get this from XP; I don't know how to get it in Vista, so make sure you save a copy! Now, in Vista, you cannot just stick this file into the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory (it won't let you even if you have Administrator privileges). Fortunately, there's an easy workaround. Just place this DLL file inside the SMA directory and it should work fine.

Hope this helps people!