Las Cantigas de Santa Maria, Individual Panels

Panel 5, Cantiga 5 - The Roman emperor crusading

Panel 6, Cantiga 12 - The Jews are killed

Panel 2, Cantiga 13 -
A thief named Elbo always prayed to the Virgin

Panel 2, Cantiga 19 -
Three men chased an enemy of theirs into a church

Panel 1, Cantiga 44 -
A nobleman from Aragón lost his goshawk while hunting

Panel 1, Cantiga 51 -The Count of Poitiers
and his men laid siege to a castle in Orleans

Panel 2, Cantiga 67 -
The devil in the guise of a squire sought to harm his master.
He encouraged him to go hunting and fishing so that he might be killed.

Panel 1, Cantiga 83 -
The Prisoner who was freed from the Moors

Panel 1, Cantiga 106 - Two squires attempted a robbery

Panel 2, Cantiga 114 - One day, her son’s enemies
beat him viciously, tearing him to pieces.

Panel 4, Cantiga 121

Panel 1, Cantiga 126 -
A man in Elche was shot in the face by an arrow

Panel 1, Cantiga 129 - In a fierce battle, an arrow wounded a man from Murviedro

Panel 3, Cantiga 142 -
The huntsman who was rescued from drowning

Panel 4, Cantiga 148 -
A knight, wearing such a garment, was attacked by his enemies

Panel 5, Cantiga 148 - His squires raised the alarm
and people came and discovered him alive.

Panel 4, Cantiga 175 -
On order of the magistrate, the son was arrested,

Panel 5, Cantiga 175 -
a heretic had planted a silver cup in the son’s sack.

Panel 6, Cantiga 135 -
The Marriage Ordained by the Virgin.

Panel 2, Cantiga 184 - Her husband got into a brawl
with some other men who wounded him in the chest.

Panel 2, Cantiga 191 - A poor squire was in charge of
a castle called Ródenas in the district of Albarracín

Panel 2, Cantiga 235 -
The king was beset with troubles.

Panel 3, Page 1, Cantiga 245 -
They abused him and held him in the castle of Neiva.

Panel 2, Cantiga 266 -
A cart carrying stone to repair the church

Panel 1, Cantiga 271 - A ship, owned by the king of Alenquer,
was stuck fast in the Morabe River near Azemmour.

Panel 5, Cantiga 275, Florencia Ms BR-20, F103v -
The Rabid Knights Hospitaller

Panel 1, Cantiga 408 - A squire, a man of noble birth,
was badly wounded by an arrow while fighting in Lombardy

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