Cantiga CSM 299 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Ivory Pendant or Order of the Star
[the Order of Santa María de España, founded by Alfonso X]

Folio 100 recto of codex Florencia Ms Banco Rari 20

   This miracle happened to a king who delighted in praising the Virgin and served her as well as he could.
   A friar of the Order of the Star wore around his neck an ivory image of the Virgin holding the Child. One night, as he lay half awake, the Virgin appeared to him. She advised him not to wear the image any longer, but to give it to the king.
   The friar told his fellow friars about this, but they assured him that it was only a meaningless dream. The friar resolved to keep the image.
   Nevertheless, the Virgin appeared to him three more times, chiding him for not obeying her. She commanded him to give the image to the king and told him he would suffer otherwise.
   The friar confided the matter to the Master of the Order who instructed him to do as Mary had ordered.
   The friar went to the king, who was hearing mass, and offered him the image. The king held it aloft with both hands and thanked the Virgin for it. He blessed her name.
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