Cantiga 294 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Gambling Woman who Threw a Stone at a Statue of the Christ Child
In Apulia on the Virginís feast day, a German woman was playing dice in front of a church dedicated to the Virgin. She began to lose the game and became furious. She picked up a rock and threw it at a stone statue of the Virgin and Child placed above the doorway. Stone angels flanked the image. Each held a book in one hand and rested the other on its breast. When the woman threw the rock, one of the angels raised its hand to intercept the blow. Nevertheless, its arm was undamaged. Seeing this, the people seized the woman and cast her into a fire. From that time forth, the angelís hand remained outstretched just as it had been to protect the statue. From then on, the statue was valued even more highly than it had been before.
Source: The Parchment Of The Sky: Poiesis Of A Gothic Universe By Francisco Prado-Vilar

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