Cantiga 292 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

Master Jorge and the King’s Ring
King don Fernando loved the Virgin Mary and she gave him success in every endeavour. Whenever he conquered a city from the Moors, he placed a statue of the Virgin in the portico of the mosque. King Fernando won the city of Seville from Mohammed.
When King Fernando died, his son, King Alfonso X, had a costly tomb constructed for him. It showed him holding the sword with which he had struck Mohammed a fatal blow. Alfonso X had his mother’s body brought to Seville from Burgos and also placed in a fine monument. Both tombs were adorned with sculptures of the monarchs. The bodies of the King and Queen were found intact; God would not allow them to decompose. King Alfonso X had a gold ring placed on the finger of the statue of King don Fernando.
One night, King don Fernando appeared in a vision to Master Jorge, the man who had made the ring. He told him that he wanted him to give it to the Virgin. He also asked him to place his effigy in a kneeling position.
Master Jorge went to the church and summoned the treasurer who opened the golden doors.
The treasurer noticed that the ring was missing from the finger of King don Fernando’s statue. Master Jorge told him about his dream. The treasurer, [having recovered the ring], gave it to Master Jorge.
They both reported the miracle to the king and the archbishop, and praised King don Fernando.

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