Cantiga CSM 275 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Rabid Knights Hospitaller.

Folios 103 verso and 104 recto of codex Florencia Ms Banco Rari 20

   Two Hospitaller friars of the convent of Moura were stricken with rabies. They raged and clutched one another and anyone they could grab.
   [To subdue them] the people tied them securely with a very strong rope. Then, hoping that the Virgin would cure them, they took them to Terena.
   They lead them with difficulty, for they were snapping like dogs. They took them across the Guadiana River and entered Portugal.
   As the first friar reached the top of the hill, he looked around and saw Terena, nestling in the valley up ahead. He asked to be released and said that he could see the Virgin and was sure that he had cured her of rabies.
   He asked for a drink of water. The other friar said the very same thing when he saw the church. He also felt himself cured of rabies and they gave him a drink of spring water.
   After they had finished drinking, they set off at once for Terena to fulfil their pilgrimage. They each offered the Virgin gifts and lit long candles, which they placed before the Virgin’s altar.

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