Cantiga 273 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Miraculous Thread
In a rocky place called Ayamonte, where partridges and hares flourish, there was a castle containing a chapel dedicated to the Virgin.
The chapel was small, poor, and lacking in everything, including wafers and wine.
A man, who happened to go there on the Virgin’s feast in August, was shocked by the sorry state of the shrine.
He did not have anything to offer, but he decided to repair the tattered altar cloths. He had a needle, but when he begged the people to give him some thread, he could not obtain a single one.
He tried to take a thread from the cloths themselves, but could not draw one out. While he was looking around, two threads suddenly appeared, hanging above his shoulder. He marvelled at this unprecedented miracle and exhorted the people to pray to the Virgin.
Everyone gave generous offerings to the Virgin and the man repaired the cloths with the threads

An unfinished illumination.
Source: The Parchment Of The Sky: Poiesis Of A Gothic Universe By Francisco Prado-Vilar

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