Cantiga CSM 271 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Ship that was Stuck Fast in the River

Folio 59 verso of codex Florencia Ms Banco Rari 20

A ship, owned by the king of Alenquer, was stuck fast in the Morabe River near Azemmour.
The captain and crew fended off an attack by the Moors, but they could not sail away because there was no wind. They were stranded there for three months.
The captain assembled the men and told them that they should offer a gift to the Virgin. He solicited donations.
He assured his crew that the Virgin would cause a wind to spring up. He said that they could hang him headfirst from the mast if she failed to so.
The men each contributed something towards a chalice to be offered to the Virgin of Puy. The captain ordered the crew to get the ship ready to sail.
As soon as the vow had been made, the captain ordered the sails unfurled. The sea rose, a wind sprang up and the ship sailed out of the river.

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