Cantiga CSM 256 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

Queen Beatriz is Healed

Folio 8 recto of codex Florencia Ms Banco Rari 20

An unfinished illumination
   King don Fernando won Capilla [from the Moors] and settled it with Christians.
   He ordered his wife, Queen Beatriz, to stay at Cuenca while he attacked Capilla.
   When she was at Cuenca, the Queen became so ill that the skilled doctors from Montpellier predicted she would die. She was pregnant and had a very high fever.
   The queen ordered an image of the Virgin to be brought. She maintained that she would recover from her illness as soon as she had seen the image, which was finely made of metal.
   She asked for the image to be brought to her side so that she could kiss its hands and feet.
   All this was done, and the queen recovered from her illness.

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