Cantiga 192 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Muslim Servant
In Consuegra there was a man who loved the Virgin. Everyday he argued with a Moor from Almería who discredited the Virgin, saying that she had no power.
The Moor was the Christian’s captive and a disbeliever. The Christian liked him and promised him that if he converted to Christianity, he would share his wealth with him. But the Moor refused to change his mind and the dispute continued.
The Christian had the Moor placed in a cave and made him lie down. The devil came and entered the Moor, but he defended himself and bit off the devil’s finger.
The Moor fought with the devil for two nights, and on the third, the Virgin appeared to him. She told him to repent and to abandon Mohammed whom she called a “false, vain, mad, villainous dog.” The Moor agreed to become a Christian and said that he had been unwise to reject baptism before.
In the morning, when his Christian master took him out of the cave, the Moor told him that he wished to convert to Christianity.
His master had him baptised and paid him great honour. The Moor led a good life from that time on and faithfully served the Virgin.

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