Cantiga 171 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Drowned Boy
A man whose wife could not bear him a son, vowed to go to Salas.
His wife gave birth to a son.
When the child was two years old, his parents set out on the journey to Salas.
On the way, they crossed a rushing river. The mother and the child, who were riding on a horse, fell into the river.
The parents searched for the child along the riverbanks, but could not find him. The father wanted to return home, but the mother insisted that they go to Salas.
When they arrived, they saw their son alive before the altar. They praised the Virgin for the miracle and the mother promised to spread the news.
Source: The Gothic Anamorphic Gaze - Regarding The Worth Of Others by Francisco Prado-Vilar

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