Panel 1 of Cantiga 138 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

Cantiga 138 - John Chrysostom’s Vision (Quen a Santa Maria de coraçon/ rogar)

   John the Golden Mouthed told of the Virgin’s deeds and proclaimed her Mother of God.
   As punishment, the heathens gouged out his eyes and sent him into exile. They did not allow him to take a servant, but simply a little bread and a staff.
   John lost his way, strayed from the road, and fell into a patch of briars. When he was rolling in the thorns, he prayed to the Virgin to rescue him.
   The Virgin came and led him away from that place. She promised John that if he wished, he would recover his sight and his honour. He asked her instead to reveal to him the thing that Christ loved most when he was in the world.
   The Virgin went away, but the next night, John had a vision. He saw the Virgin holding the infant Christ. Christ had his hands on her breasts and was drinking from them. The Virgin explained to John that her breasts had pleased Christ most of all.
   Afterwards, John recovered his sight and all of his possessions. When he died he went to heaven.

Source: Este livro, com’ achei, fez á onr’ e á loor da virgen santa maria’. El proyecto de las Cantigas de Santa María en el marco del escritorio regio. Estado de la cuestión y nuevas reflexiones” en Las Cantigas de Santa María, el Códice Rico, Ms. T-I-1, RBME, Madrid, Testimonio Editorial – Patrimonio Nacional, 2011, pp. 43-78.

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