Cantiga 119 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Judge who was Carried Away by Devils
A judge lived a life of ease in a fine town. He always ate well and collected generous donations, but did not fulfil his duties. Instead of catching brigands on the highways, he arrested and prosecuted the destitute.
One day while he was dining with his companions, he heard a fight break out.
He ordered his men to arm themselves and to intervene, and he threw himself into the fray. A gang of devils seized him and carried him to the outskirts of town, where they held him over a boiling, black pit.
The Virgin appeared and ordered the devils to release the judge. She came to his aid because he had always placed his hope in her, although he did very little justice.
The Virgin advised him to confess his sins, perform penance, and prepare for death. She told him that he only had one more day to live.
The judge confessed his sins and received absolution. He died the next day and angels carried his soul away.

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