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The Hermit who was Captured by the Moors
This happened three nights in a row, and the Moors were frightened and called on Mohammed, son of Abdalá. The admiral was a clever man named Arrendaffe. He remembered the prisoner they had in the hold, and guessed that he was the source of their problem.
He ordered the man to be brought out and invited him to take whatever he wished of the rich booty of silver and gold and rich textiles. But Count Abrán selected only a small glass vial. The admiral asked him to identify himself and asked why he had chosen the vial. The Count explained that he was a hermit and would take nothing else from his enemy.
Hearing this, the Moors returned him to the place they had found him. They raised their sails and immediately caught a good wind that carried their ship away. The news spread, and people gathered there to praise the Virgin. Afterwards, if Moorish attackers encountered Count Abrán, they did not harm him because they held him in reverence.

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