Page 1 of Cantiga 95 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Hermit who was Captured by the Moors

A German, named Count Abrán, went to live as a hermit on the shore of the sea in Portugal. He fasted rigorously and abstained from wine. Even when he caught fish, he gave them away. He would not accept gifts, but prepared food for pilgrims.
One day while he was fishing, some Moorish ships came from Africa to attack Spain. The Moors seized Count Abrán and imprisoned him in their ship. When they had done this, the Moors waged war and stole all they could find.
However, when they tried to depart, their ship would not leave the shore. No matter how far they sailed from the shore by night, they always found themselves right back there in the morning.
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