Cantiga 82 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Demon Swine
A good monk of Canterbury lay in his bed. He saw devils, in the form of pigs, approaching him.
Terrified, he bid them to flee.
Then he saw a black man who told the pigs to gather round and disturb his sleep. The pigs agreed to do so, but said that they could not harm the monk because of his saintliness.
The devil bragged that he could harm the monk with his pitchforks, even though the latter was “wearing a frock.”
The friar, hearing this, called on the Virgin who came to his aid. She rebuked the devil’s gang, shaking a stick at them and ordering them to return to hell with their evil king.
The demons vanished like smoke. The Virgin comforted the friar, telling him that she was pleased with his conduct and advising him to follow all the rules of his Order.

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