Cantiga 64 of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X

The Woman who could not Remove her Slipper
A nobleman, who had a beautiful wife, was summoned for military service by his lord.
His wife asked him to assign her a guardian. He commended her to the Virgin Mary.
A knight fell in love with the woman and tried to seduce her. He sent an old woman with presents to lure her.
The woman forced her to try on some slippers of Cordovan leather. The woman tried one, but could not remove it. No one else could pull it off either. Her foot was stuck in the slipper for a month and a year.
When the nobleman returned, his wife confessed what she had done.
He forgave her, told her that the Virgin had protected her, and removed the shoe.
Source: Plate 1 'Daily Life Depicted In The Cantigas de Santa Maria' by Keller & Cash

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