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Capetian knight in the
Corbie Gospel, 11th century, France
Folio 5v, Bibliotèque Municipale Amiens Ms. 172

CONTEXTE: Initiale I de l'Evangile de Jean 8, 46
DATATION: 11e s.
POSSESSEUR: Abbaye Saint-Pierre, Corbie, Picardie, France Nord

CONTEXT: Initial I of John the Evangelist 8: 46
DATATION: 11th century
POSSESSOR: Abbaye Saint-Pierre, Corbie, Picardy, Northern France

Bibliotèque Municipale Amiens Ms. 172
Source: Enluminures

Referenced on p53 Carolingian Cavalryman AD 768-986 by D. Nicolle
This illustrated Gospel from Corbie is normally believed to date from the 9th century, but the military equipment used by this marginal figure looks more typical of the 10th century. (Bib. Munic., Ms. 172, Amiens, France)

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