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Effigy of Walther von Hohenklingen d.1386. Swiss-German Knight.

From: Dürst, Hans. 1962. Rittertum: Schweizerische Dokumente. Lenzburg: Kantonale Historische Sammlung. Source: effigiesandbrasses

Source diebgasse

Swiss National Museum, Zürich, Switzerland

This effigy is the source for 108. GERMAN KNIGHT, WALTHER VON HOHENKLINGEN d.1386 in Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2 by Ian Heath:
Walther von Hohenklingen was killed at the Battle of Sempach. .. he wears a breastplate ... it is unattached to any sort of plate fauld, being worn over a baggy-sleeved, quilted jupon (a juppe de wambeson) under which quite probably there is a coat-of-plates too, as well as the mail haubergeon. The breastplate is not accompanied by a backplate, but is held by 2 diagonal straps crossing over the back of the body ... Such breastplates, independent of the coat-of-plates, are mentioned in written sources from c.1340 but do not seem to appear in pictorial sources until the 1370s. ... In addition to the quilted jupon, which is buttoned down the front and along the outer edge of the forearms, he also wears a quilted hood over his mail aventail, the dagged edge of which can be seen protruding from beneath it. This has a small inescutcheon of his arms sewn on the front and is laced to the Hundsgugel bascinet along with the mail aventail.

Other points to note are the appearance of the lance-rest (Rüsthaken) on the breastplate, ... and the reappearance of full plate leg-harness. His feet, however, remain unarmoured, as seems to frequently be the case in German effigies.

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