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The struggle for Milan, 1312, in 'Codex Balduini Trevirensis', Germany, 1341.
Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz

·Bellum ubi Gwido de Turri euaſir·
War where Guido della Torre was vanquished.
Picture source
Manuscript: LHAKo Balduineum I best 1 C Nr. 1 Codex Balduini Trevirensis
Date: 1341
From: Germany
Holding Institution: Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz

The codex of Baldwin von Trier, depicting events during Emperor Henry VII’s Romzug of 1312.
Baldwin of Luxembourg (c. 1285 – 21 January 1354) was the Archbishop-Elector of Trier and Archchancellor of Burgundy from 1307 to his death. In 1310 he influenced the election of his brother Henry VII as King and Holy Roman Emperor. From 1310 to 1313, Baldwin accompanied Henry in Italy, where he was crowned emperor in Rome on 29 June 1312.

Guido della Torre (b.1259 – d.1312) led the Guelphs in the riots that took place in Milan in the last years of the thirteenth century. In 1302, a group of Guelphs, including the Lords of Piacenza and Parma, Alberto Scotti and Ghiberto da Correggio, compelled the Visconti to leave Milan. After twenty-five years of exile, Guido della Torre and his family regained their power in Milan. Being the head of the della Torre family helped Guido in his election to Milan’s Captain of the People in 1307. The following year Milan elected him as a perpetual capitano del popolo.[5] However, in 1311 Guido entered in conflict with his cousin Cassono della Torre, archbishop of Milan: after an unsuccessful attempt to raise the Milanese against emperor Henry VII, he was forced to flee, first to Lodi, then to Cremona where Guido died in the summer of 1312.

A figure on the right has the arms of the Archbishop of Cologne: Argent, a cross sable.

Walram of Luxembourg

Leopold I, Duke of Austria

Guido della Torre

From the same manuscript: Henry VII ascends and descends hills on the way to Rome, 1310, in 'Codex Balduini Trevirensis', 1341, Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz, Germany.

See also Erzbischof von Trier as a German Knight, 1312, in Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2 by Ian Heath, based on Codex Balduini Trevirensis (the pose of a figure on the left).
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