A Danish Crusader Knight on
the Vejerslev Effigial, 12th century

Source: „Til Jerusalem!” Et forsinket korstog

A Danish crusader engraved on a tombstone from Vejerslev on Mors. Held by the Danish National Museum

Referenced on p.6 MAA - 396 - Medieval Scandinavian Armies (1): 1100-1300 by David Lindholm and Angus McBride
Simple incised stone effigial slab of a supposed 'Crusader' knight from Vejerslev, Denmark, 12th century. Note the cross on his helmet.

See also Knight on the Baldishol Tapestry, Hedmark, Norway, 12th century
Sigurd the Dragon Slayer from the portal of Hylestad Stave Church, Setesdal, 12th century
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