The Val■jofsta­ur Door, c. 1200 AD

A detail of the knight at the top of the Valthjofsstadir Door

A larger image of this Knight on the Valthjofsstadir Door (1.7MB)
A detail of the lower knight on the Valthjofsstadir Door

Photo by steini

National Museum of Iceland, Reykjavik. The Val■jofsta­ur door (circa 1200 AD): After having saved its life, the knight is followed by a lion. After the knight┤s death the lion lies mourning on his grave.

Referenced on p.13 MAA - 396 - Medieval Scandinavian Armies (1): 1100-1300 by David Lindholm and Angus McBride
Carved wooden roundel from the church door at Valpjˇsstaˇir in Iceland, made c.1200. The knight on the upper panel has a helmet with a nasal, cheek pieces and a neck protection. (National Museum, Rleykjavik)

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Altar from Broddetorp Parish Church, Vństerg÷tland, Sweden, 12th century
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