Lunette showing Saint George from the main portal of the Cathedral of Ferrara

Photo by sailko

Sculpted by Romanesque artist "Master Nicholaus" (12th century).
Ferrara Cathedral, Ferrara, Italy

Referenced on p220, Arms and Armour of the Crusading Era, 1050-1350, Western Europe and the Crusader States by David Nicolle.
580   'St George', relief carving, Lombardy, c. 1135
(in situ west front of Cathedral, Ferrara, Italy)

A splendid carving of the warrior-saint shows him wearing a form of conical helmet with a decorated rim and no nasal. Such a style seems to have been popular in early 12th century Italy. He has no coif and his short-sleeved mail hauberk is slit at the sides in a style originally designed for combat on foot. His shield would probably have been kite-shaped but his sword seems more up-to-date than the rest of his equipment, being quite pointed with long slender quillons and a large pommel.

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