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Illustration from the
Navarre Picture Bible
Pamplona, Spain, 1197AD

Although the stories portrayed in the illustrations are ancient, the figures wear 12th century Navarrese costume.

Tobit taken captive to Nineveh by Shalmaneser

Tobit emmené en captivité à Ninive par Salmanasar

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1 This book tells the story of Tobit son of Tobiel son of Hananiel son of Aduel son of Gabael son of Raphael son of Raguel of the descendants of Asiel, of the tribe of Naphtali, who in the days of King Shalmaneser of the Assyrians was taken into captivity from Thisbe, which is to the south of Kedesh Naphtali in Upper Galilee, above Asher toward the west, and north of Phogor.
(Tobit 1:1-2)

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