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Bury Bible

Jeremiah / Soldiers Attack Jerusalem

England, Bury St Edmunds, c.1130-1135

The lower half of f245v has a picture, stuck on. Fine frame with pattern drawn in perspective on black ground. Ground of picture blue with green panels. Above, Jeremiah seated on rocks holds out white scroll to right. Below, on left, three soldiers attack a walled city (Jerusalem) which is defended by three within who throw red stones. These warriors have helmets, chain mail, and pointed shields.

Giant Bibles were a new Italian fashion in the twelfth century. This is one of the noblest of all English Romanesque Bibles, although only its first volume survives. It is also one of the best-documented. It was commissioned by Herveus, the sacrist of Bury St Edmunds, one of the wealthiest Benedictine monasteries in England. It was painted by Master Hugo (act. c.1130-1160), the earliest professional artist documented in England. He was a multi-talented craftsman who produced various items for Bury: a great bell in the crossing tower, a set of decorated metal church doors, and a beautiful cross for the abbey choir.
Folio 245v, MS 2III, Parker Library, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

12th century infantrymen in Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath, based on the Bury Bible.

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