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Early 12th Century Frescos in San Severo Church, Bardolino.
On Lake Garda, north-east Italy.

Photos by Art History Geek
San Severo in Bardolino is a 9th Century Romanesque church, first mentioned in 893, and the most important religious building in the area. Most of the existing structure dates from the 10th to the 12th centuries. It has a prominent fašade with the central section almost twice the height of the two side sections. There is a balcony above the entrance, an oculus and a cornice of brick work arches along the roof. The interior has three aisles which are supported by columns. In the main apse there are the remains of a crypt from the early Middle Ages. Early 12th century frescoes cover a vast area of the church and depict the Apocalypse and the Recovery of the True Cross.

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Fresco of Crusader Knights, San Severo Church, Bardolino, Italy
Fresco of Charging Crusader Knights, San Severo Church, Bardolino, Italy
Fresco of Crusader Infantry, San Severo Church, Bardolino, Italy
Fresco of Riders on Lion-Headed Horses with Snake Tails, San Severo Church, Bardolino, Italy

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